Match 3 – Willow Marsh 10/05/2015

Whispers Pool

20 Fished

Scots in charge - Rob McKee (middle) and Martin McHugh (right)

Scots in charge – Rob McKee (middle) and Martin McHugh (right)


It was like Polling day all over again, a bright day, a very good turnout and a good day for the two Scottish anglers.
Rob McKee trounced the rest of the competitors with a brilliant display of casting feeder through the large willow tree to the island to finish the match with 59-12.  In second place, Rob Gittins weighed in 25-0 closely followed by Martin on 24-0.  One casualty was Rob McKee’s landing net handle, probably from overuse.  The result means that Martin is still top of the leader board.

1.  Rob McKee

Peg: 30

2. Rob Gittins

Peg: 24

3.  Martin McHugh

Peg: 1



Next match Sun 17th May, 2015 at Cudmore