Match 1 – Vineyard 31/03/2019

Moorhen Pool

16 fished

We begin our new season with a visit to Vineyard Fishery at Half Penny Green. Moorhen pool is predominantly a carp water with fish averaging around 3lb but there are also the odd bream to around 8lb as well as plenty of roach to 2lb. Using micro or 2mm pellets as feed and then fishing a bigger 4 or 6mm banded expander pellet over the top. Keep the pinging or potting the feed in and keep moving the bait for more bites.

There was very little difference between to top three weights as the final frame shows with only 6lb between 1st and 3rd place. The bulk of the weights were made up of carp to 3lb.

The margins were productive.
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Match 11 – Vineyard 18/08/2013


16 Fished.

  1. Simon Garbett


71lb 0oz
  1. Kevin Lees


57lb 0oz
  1. Martin McHugh


53lb 2oz

This match was also a pairs event, determined by the pegs drawn. So pegs 1 & 9, 2 & 10, 3 & 11 …. 8 & 16 would be ‘paired’ together and the winners would be the pair with the highest total weight. The results were:
Total Weight
Martin McHugh & Allan Lees 105lb 2oz (47.684 kg)
Simon Garbett & Billy Tranter 98lb 2oz (44.509 kg)
Kevin Lees & Lee Leese 94lb 8oz (42.864 kg)