Match 11 – Broseley 22/08/2021

Lodge Lane

12 fished

Sunny spells, mostly cloudy.

This was our doubles match of the season, so in addition to the individual result, there is a trophy for the winning doubles partners. Carol was ecstatic when she was partnered with Terry, hoping for a first trophy, instead of having to polish all the ones Guy takes home each season 😂. But there seems to be no stopping Martin at the moment cruising to a hat-trick of wins at Lodge Lane. But how well had his doubles partner Dave done, could they make it a clean sweep.

The doubles match pairings were:

  • Jack and Mark
  • Carol and Terry
  • Guy and Simon
  • Martin and Dave
  • Barry and Mel
  • Trev and Paul

Part of Guy’s catch included an impressive 20-14 of silvers but was it enough to win the match or the doubles?

We weighed in 399lbs or 181kg.

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Match 13 – Bells Mill 06/09/2020

Match Pool

12 fished

A new venue for us and by all accounts it should be one that we revisit again. There was added interest in this match as it was also the doubles fixture.

Simon Harris recorded his first match win of the season, putting 61-8 on the scales, beating Guy into an electrifying ⚡ second place by 1-8, so close we feel your pain! There was a tie for third place, Simon Garbett and Terry could not be separated at the weigh-in, both with 58-8.

With the individual winning weights being so close, what would be the result in the doubles pairings.

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Match 5 – Aston Eyre 18/05/2019

Quarry Pool

14 fished

Once again, Quarry Pool produced some great individual weights for our anglers. There was added interest in this match as it was also the doubles fixture.

Guy made it his first match win of the season, putting 90-0 on the scales, while Martin continued his run of form taking second place with 74-8 and Simon returning to take third with 65-0. Other weights to note were Bobby with 60-0, and the biggest fish 16-0 falling to Mickey Meah.

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Match 12 – Woodlands View 02/09/2018

16 fished

High Pool

Welcome to fantasy fishing, the ‘Dream Team’ appeared together for our annual doubles match at Woodlands View.  Pairs were drawn at random, and paired Guy Jones and Rob McKee together to create the ‘Dream Team’, fishing opposite each other, on each side of  High Pool.  Starting the match as firm favourites to win the doubles trophy so who was going to challenge them?

Simon Harris would have a go, if only his doubles partner could catch as well, or Terry Eardley on fancied peg 4 would also be in with a chance not only for the doubles trophy, but also the individual match too.

We weighed in a total of 461lb. Well done everyone.
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Match 7 – Woodlands View 27/06/2015

Ghost Pool

15 Fished

Individual Result

  1. Simon Harris

Peg 16

  1. Guy Jones

Peg 1

  1.  Kev Lees
 Peg 4  35-4-0

Doubles Result

  1. Simon Harris & Brian Pickstone
  1. Mickey Meah x 2
  1. Paul Jinks & Trevor Briggs

Mickey Meah doubled his weight for the doubles result.

Dave Goodhall had two good size carp one just over 10-0-0 and the other was 11-2-0.

Kev Lees had a good size carp of 11-6-0.