Match 6 – Aston Eyre 16/06/2018

16 fished

Quarry Pool

Once again the Quarry Pool at Aston Eyre produced some great weights.  Although the weather did not help anyone fishing the pole, as the wind got up and as the venue is an open water it did whip up some waves.  Fishing pellet waggler was not really an option today either, which then left feeder methods available to entice the carp to feed.

We weighed in  a total over 779lb.
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Match 5 – Haye Farm 03/06/2018

12 fished

Dexters Pool

Not much of a write up this week, as I was on a stag doo in Budapest, Hungary.  So I can only provide the match results.

We weighed in  a total over 269lb.
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Match 4 – Froggatts 20/05/2018

15 fished

Marlpit Pool

Dan used his knowledge of the venue despite the carp still in spawning mood to take first place in the frame. Keeping Guy on the next peg in second place as his run of form continued. Meanwhile on the other side of the pool, Martin and Rob were having their own battle trying their best to cast within centimetres of the island so that they would catch.  Rob was catching the better stamp of carp and therefore took third place in the frame.

We weighed in  a total over 208lb.
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Match 3 – Lodge Lane 06/05/2018

14 fished

Lodge Pool

F1-CarpOooo there was a near deja-vu event with the in-form Guy and Carol Jones taking 1st and 3rd place in the frame.  Only Terry Eardley managed to split them and it was a very close finish with only one and a half pounds between 1st and 3rd.

Prior to the hottest early May bank holiday, the weather was fantastic, the fish were feeding  which all played a part in a closely competed match.  The 13 anglers  weighed in  a total over 480lb with the top 4 all recording over 50lb.
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Match 2 – Haye Farm 22/04/2018

16 fished

Curtis Pool

drm001Here we go again, the headline writes itself this week.

Try Keeping up with the Joneses, well you’d have to to get in the frame on Curtis Pool last Sunday.  Guy Jones romped this one, his nearest challenge came from his spouse Carol Jones.  There was no shortage of fish shoaled up and swimming around ready for spawning following the great weather we’ve had this week.

So a one-two for Team Jones and just a thought those maggots are nearly the same colour as Simon’s ankles.
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Match 1 – Froggatts 08/04/2018

13 fished

Marlpit Pool

IMG_5499Welcome back, our first match of the season, and although the weather was reasonable for the time of year it was very wet and muddy underfoot and the pool was holding a lot of extra water.  Once the match got underway, quite a few fish were hooked and lost in the first half hour.

There was however, no shortage of fish in the middle part of the pool, and soon it didn’t take long for some (not Jack) tic, to start building a good weight of fish to challenge for a place in the winning frame.
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End of Season Presentation

The end of season presentation evening was well attended and we were treated to a very frank and thoughtful address by the Chairman Mickey Meah. Mickey’s address was well received and I think he managed to mention everyone.

Trevor then hosted the trophy presentations;

  • Heaviest weight in a match : Guy Jones 126-10 Weston Pools Clay Pool
  • Heaviest single fish : Mickey Meah 14-06 Aston Eyre Quarry Pool
  • Doubles match winners : Dan Podmore & Guy Jones
  • Most Improved Angler : Carol Jones
  • Club Sportsperson : Trevor Briggs

And finally the points leader board;

4th Terry Eardley

3rd Martin McHugh

2nd Dan Podmore

1st Guy Jones

Guy Jones : Club Points Champion

Match 16 – Aston Eyre 12/11/2017

12 fished

Quarry Pool

Our last match of the season, winter is here.  And didn’t we know it, the weather was atrocious for the start of this match with heavy rain and a cold northerly wind blowing over the venue.  Thanks to Tony Crann for ferrying the tackle down to the pool.
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Match 15 – Froggatts 29/10/2017

14 fished

Leigh’s Pool

There were a few dry nets in a match that proved difficult.  This is a surprisingly large venue with a lot of islands and other features but a lack of hungry fish. Read more of this post

Match 14 – Hanchurch Fishery 14/10/2017

12 fished

Model Canal

A great days fishing in the Potteries, but the consensus  of opinion was that it would have fished even better with more anglers covering all 60 pegs on this extensive venue.  We were fortunate with the weather as well, although overcast it was a warm day with very little wind affecting this canal type pool.  Read more of this post