Match 11 – Larford 19/08/2018

14 fished

Match Pool – Burr Bank

Our club match record was broken for the third time this season, twice in this match!

With 5 anglers recording  over a 100lb catches, an overall club record was on the cards as well as potential individual record.  The match was won by Dan Podmore off peg 64 by catching on the inside from the start of the match. There were also loads of claims of anglers losing fish – some lead us to believe they could have even doubled their weight if they landed every fish that they hooked.

We weighed in a total over 1,052lb. Well done everyone.
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Match 2 Larford 23/04/2017

Match Pool

15 fished

1 Rob Mckee Peg 14 42-02
2 Terry Eardley Peg 35 29-14
3 Micky Meah Peg 30 26-08