Match 13 – Willowmarsh 1/09/2019

Dragon Fly Pool

15 fished

Martin ensured this one didn’t get away.

Guy managed to land most of the fish he hooked at Willowmarsh on Sunday. He weighed in 54-0 to take 1st place in the frame. He finished ahead of Billy and Simon who both put 36-8 onto the scales, to claim joint second place.
There were many stories of loads of lost BIG fish causing frustration among those that were catching. Bites were few and far between for most of the club members which made things worse, waiting long periods for bites, before being smashed – whether you were fishing feeder, pellet waggler or pole short in the margins, or just in front of you. If they had all been netted it could have been a different match, and I’m sure the biggest fish of the year would have featured at this venue.

Guy opened up the lead at the top of the leader board over Terry who is now 14 points behind. We weighed in a total of 306lb at this match.

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Match 14 – Willow Marsh 30/09/2018

15 fished

Dragonfly Pool

Although the weather was pretty favourable, Dragonfly pool didn’t fish well with a lot of us struggling for bites.  Many different methods were put to use, as we all rang the changes. Swapping between long pole, shallow / short pole on the deck, pellet and cage feeder, bomb and pellet waggler.  Most methods would produce but not with any consistency.  Rob was the eventual winner, pipping Guy by 6lb with Martin catching well in the last hour landing 3 carp for just over 30lb making up his final weight.

Note that the next match is a pool change we are on Chestnut pool at Cob House.

A reminder to all anglers to return any trophies as we move into the last few matches of the season.  Time to lovingly, clean and polish them for the last time; before returning them to Trev, before the next presentation night.

We weighed in a total of 284lb. Read more of this post

Match 13 – Willow Marsh 30/09/2017

8 fished


I was on holiday, so the only report I’ve heard is that Dan won off the babies peg.  😂

🏆 🏅🏊 A note from Trev that all trophies can now be returned to him in time to get them engraved for this years presentations, please give them a polish before you return them.

1 Dan Podmore Peg 12 111-10
2 Martin McHugh Peg 5 64-14
3 Simon Harris Peg 38 49-02

Match 10 – Solhampton 09/08/2014


Annual Outing 2014

18 Fished

  1. Simon Garbett


  1. Jack Cheadle


  1. Trevor Briggs



 Section Winners

  1. Barry Podmore
  1. Ted Tranter
  1. Billy Tranter
  1. Kevin Lees

Next match Woodlands View 12p.m. draw.