Match 10 – Monkhall 19/08/2017

14 fished

Swallow Pool

Due to unconfirmed problems with the Owl pool, we were kindly re-arranged onto the swallow pool which could accommodate all of us.  Allowing the usual open to fish the lark pool. Kev was on his usual peg on this pool, he can’t stop drawing peg 13 on here, a corner peg with the wind blowing in his direction, so he sat fishing with his back to the rest of us.  He didn’t stop catching right up to the final whistle and more.   Read more of this post

Match 6 – Elmbridge 18/06/2017

Peacock Pool

8 fished

Well done to Terry who joined the Ton up club with his victory at Elmbridge, it also takes him up to second on the leader board, although Dan Podmore is still leading by a single point.  Martin said he lost too many fish on peg 21 otherwise he could have framed better.   Read more of this post

Match 14 – Monkhall 01/10/2016

Owl & Swallow Pools

13 Fished


Owl Pool

1. Guy Jones Peg 5 61-10
2. Rob McKee Peg 3 53-08
3. Carol Jones Peg 9 42-02


Swallow Pool

1. Kev Lees Peg 14 103-14
2. Simon Harris Peg 20 64-12
3. Barry Podmore Peg 17 58-00

It’s time to get the polish out and return all trophies back to Trev a.s.a.p.

Draw time change for Aston Eyre confirmed for 11 a.m.

Match 6 – Astwood 19/06/2016

Buddlea Pool

13 Fished

Kev Lees

Kev Lees, back to the top of the leader board.

Kev recorded his first ton of the season at Astwood to regain his position at the top of the leader board.
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Match 3 – Cob House 08/05/2016

Laugherne Island

19 Fished


That’s not Rob, he’s busy catching fish behind the tree.

Rob McKee won his second match in a row at Cob House on Sunday.  Rob took advantage of the island feature with method feeder to weigh-in 116-02. This win catapults him to the top of the leader board (no pun intended).  An impressive display in the peg next to Rob as well from Mickey Meah with 65-00, that practising came in useful, closely followed by Kev Lees with 63-10 at the opposite end of the pool.  There were lots of big fish caught and lost on the day, what’s the biggest fish so far this season Trev?  Read more of this post

Match 12 – Ockeridge 06/09/2014

Meadow / Apple Pools

21 Fished

  1. Dave Goodall

Meadow Peg:7

  1. Simon Garbett

Meadow Peg:9

  1. Simon Harris

Meadow Peg:3


Next match Ticklerton 8 a.m. draw.

Match 10 – Solhampton 09/08/2014


Annual Outing 2014

18 Fished

  1. Simon Garbett


  1. Jack Cheadle


  1. Trevor Briggs



 Section Winners

  1. Barry Podmore
  1. Ted Tranter
  1. Billy Tranter
  1. Kevin Lees

Next match Woodlands View 12p.m. draw.

Match 9 – Aston Eyre 26/07/2014

Quarry Pool

20 Fished

  1. Simon Garbett


  1. Trevor Briggs


  1. Lee Leese



Don’t forget next match is our Annual Outing 9th August, Solhampton.

Meet at the Unicorn car park between 6:00pm and 7:00pm on Fri 8th August for loading.

A minibus will be leaving the Unicorn car park at 8:00am prompt on Sat 9th August.

P.S. No nets are required as they are supplied by the fishery.

P.P.S. Those who have only quick release net attachments you may have to remove them for this match.


Match 8 – Vineyard Fishery 12/07/2014

Top Pool

18 Fished


Bagging up 101Lb
Only 2 nets x 50Lb
The look on your face when she says more than 50Lb and its void, PRICELESS

  1. Simon Garbett


  1. Billy Tranter


  1. Simon Harris



Don’t forget next match 26th July, Aston Eyre 11:00 draw time.