Match 14 – Aston Eyre 25/09/2021

Quarry Pool

13 fished

Last day of summer 2021?

Mark should have had a ton here! Paul lost the top 2 kit of his pole, but wasn’t going in to rescue it. Instead it seemed to visit every peg on the pool at least once, with everyone having a cast at it to claim the fish that was obviously still hooked. Mark continued catching fish, but then missing his keep net with a ’12 pounder’. Then he caught the bonus fish, retrieving Paul’s top 2 kit and landing the carp that was still attached. Another ’12 pounder’ only to miss his keep net again. So a possible 24lb returned to the pool, however it didn’t affect the result as he won by a clear 20lb.

Allan was pegged next to Mark, and while Mark was catching ’12 pounders’ Allan landed a brilliant ’18 pounder’ the biggest single fish landed this season.

We weighed in 628lbs or 285kg.

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